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              The Great Teachings of MahaManas




Sadness– Hardship & free from them


This is true that, this great World System is not good for all living things, not suitable.  But still I will say those who can accept this system, heartily can surrender himself/herself completely to this system, and can live nicely to greater extent. And this is also correct that, this worldly system does not want us to accept it completely, to surrender completely to it. It’s main purpose is to give us sadness – hardship – pain. If you can accept happily with the head bowed, the  sadness – hardship – pains of this heartless – cruel system, then only, you can live well to a great extent ( if you want to know, what type is this greatly system, & why it want to give us sadness – hardship – pain, –you have to read our main religious scripture – MahaVad).

    Two category people accept this system, the first is, true followers of Knowledge Yoga– those who with the purpose of gaining true Knowledge, with the purpose to know the true form of this great worldly system, undergoes great sadness – hardship – pain – travels along road, after attaining true knowledge, realizes that – there is no other way, than accepting this system, creatures have no independent role, s/he is only a part of this system ( due to independent feeling s/he may feel –s/he is simply a puppet of this system ) then, they accept it, without finding other alternative. If a person reaches more higher stage of Knowledge-Yoga, then s/he becomes one in spirit.

     The other category, those who are followers of Devotion-Yoga, they do not want to know anything – understand anything.  They do not understand ‘system’, they only know their dearest, wholehearted praying God (in own desired form, in own way). They surrender themselves to God, they are free form all burdens. Along with accepting the God completely, they heartily and easily accept his all activities or miracles. In other way they accept this great worldly system. They feel, whatever God does – all for the good. Whatever way he keeps, they are satisfied with that. They feel that, God is Examining their devotion – respect – faith – depending ness by giving in this examination. So “how mach sadness you give, I will never be separated form your lotus feet”. If a person passes this exam, s/he can gradually union with God.



Faith & Knowledge

“Faith is the root-cause of most vital questions. Without faith– we cannot move forward even a single step, due to our lack of consciousness. So it is not faith to suppose anything for convenience of work.”

“Faith comes to birth from ignorance. Malice comes to birth from faith. Terrorism comes to birth from malice.”

“Faith is blind notion, –faith is illusive knowledge. Generally, to which we mention 'knowledge' –the greater part of that is superficial or seeming knowledge.”

“There are many astonishing things in this world, but it seems to me that there is no astonishing thing more than blind faith of human beings.”

“Faith is assurance and consolation of ignorant human beings, faith is their capital, –faith is their support and shelter.”

“The object of faith –sometimes may be truth, sometimes may be not, and also sometimes may be semi-truth or partly truth. But it doesn’t depend on a believer.”

“This is an elusive world which is built on the base of faith.”

“Faith is not anything debatable. There where is faith –nothing to debate.”

“You may ask me that all these sayings are also my faith! But not that, all these are seeming truth to me –to a knowledge-wayfarer.”

“We love truth superficially. Actually we do not want truth. We fear the truth. The fear is to be endangered of our existence, –which is standing on the base of untruth. We love to think our beliefs as truth.”

“Spirituality is not anything depending on faith, spirituality is the science of self-knowledge, –and spirituality is the main subject of practice –study and research of the knowledge-wayfarer.”


“We are travelers of the path of blooming consciousness. Staying in between 'beginning' and the 'end' of the path, acquiring knowledge of the whole path and the ultimate truth is impossible.

Even though, one is able to reach the end –isn’t able to make us known about the whole and the ultimate truth.

First time, we go forward– towards any imaginary target, on the path of life, holding different beliefs. Gradually in this way– with increasing experience and knowledge, when we become more conscious, we advance following the way of science and rationality, –supposing all are seeming truth, giving up beliefs –largely, towards the aim of true self-development.

In this manner, after passing over much more distance, –with increasing more consciousness, gradually step by step– one time we come near the truth. Then holding the hand of some truths or partly truth, –we advance to the aim of absolute truth.

In fact, the entire route is the way of blooming consciousness. We– in our different conscious stages, with different need and mentality– advance aiming different subject-matters. In this manner, pushing human beings forward to the aim of fulfillment –is the motive of worldly system. In different stages of the consciousness, it appears in different times –atheism, religious craziness, rebelliousness, appears different perverted and destructive condition etc. –all these are different stages of this path.

Belief is not true knowledge, it is blind and firm notion. To which we say knowledge– is also seeming truth –truth on the surface. Except it, due to lack of perception –due to misunderstanding, many times to which we consider ‘knowledge’ –think, ‘I know it’, –in fact, that is not knowing –not true knowledge.

If one is desirous to get the absolute truth –in belief-(sub)conscious stage, that who has no conception about truth, what could be the result of his/her desire?

I do not claim that my doctrine –way –theory –views are only truth. Also I do not cherish suchlike notion that– ‘Nothing is truth’. Which is truth to me, may be not to others. Which is truth to others, may not be supposed to me.

I cannot say, by no means– emphatically that it is truth or it is not truth. All are seeming truth to me.”  


"We are so much ignorant that we do not know– just a little before what exactly happened and also we do not know, exactly what will happen just a little after. Though, we feel proud for our knowledge –we be inflated with vanity. We do such owing to ignorance.

We are proud because of our thinking ability. Of what sort that is–

It is a complicated activity of mind, to come to one or more conclusion or truth. This activity is formed depending on different degree of consciousness and egotism of different individuality, by some notion –faith, logic –deliberation with causation, blind logic and judgment, self-discussion, experience, direct and indirect knowledge, incorrect knowledge etc. and imagination. But in most cases, it makes clear our incapability. Still then, ignoring that, we try to be self-satisfied dissolving in fancies. One to another topic, then that topic to some other topic, –in this way the running of thinking is going on continuously, and by this way the creature who is charmed losing oneself in it –is we –human beings."    


“Knowledge is not any information or theory, knowledge is realized notion on any information or theory or any subject-matter. That realization also makes difference depending on realization ability of different individuality. Realization of all is not same. I cannot speak that all realization is pure knowledge. To be enlightened with pure knowledge, one needs to be enough wakeful –conscious, free from mental obsession, truth loving– free and clean minded. If any incompetent one (without realization) put faith in any pure knowledge, even then, it would not be pure knowledge to that one.”


"In this context I would like to say, some persons are accustomed to proclaim or predicate their suppositions with such firm blind faith that whichever they are sayings, will happen inevitably. But it would be observed that their predicating or predictions will haven’t been realized even ten percent!

I have seen some doctors those who have predicated proudly after bringing round a few (one or two) patients of serious diseases (like cancer etc.), that they are able to cure such and such diseases, or they have infallible medical treatment of such and such diseases.

Hearing like that predicating, many of us have put faith in those doctor’s words. Moreover, some of us also have proclaimed exaggerating their words– to make their faith strong! Even such like proclamation has been heard, too, that those doctors are equal to God!

In the discussion of faith and knowledge, it is recollected to me the picture of that boy (suppose his name is ‘A’) who knew or believed on the base of his (polygamous) mother’s word that ‘Mr. B’ is his father. After coming of age, he came to know that ‘Mr. B’ is not his father, his father is someone else!

Still then, we believe –because we have no other way without believing–, believing is our basic instinct."   –MahaManas


Why do the mind programming


 If you feel, mind is the cause of maximum of sadness, you can achieve beautiful, peaceful life by suitable ‘mind Programming’ (similar to Computer programming ).

    The willful or deliberate sinner, that is, a person who is knowledgeable but works like un knowledgeable persons. ‘What is to happen will happen’, even after knowing this, the person whose mind does not accept this like a foolish person, as a result, experience sadness– hardship– un peacefulness, for him/her, to bring under control the mind, the only way is to do ‘Mind Programming’.

    The person, who wants to be an eternal lover, who wants to grow up as followers of Devotion-yoga, who wants to lead peaceful– joyful life by surrendering to God, but in spite of wanting this cannot be or do this properly due to bind in customs and restless mind, for them, ‘Mind Programming’ is the only way.

     The learning of ‘Mind Programming’ and practicing should be taken or done from the only person who knows the truth or appropriate teacher or a true instructor preceptor. Mind programming, is a type of Yoga –it is also called– ‘Yoga-Nidra’ or Yoga sleep. Many know it by the name of ‘Hypnosis’ or ‘self-hypnosis’. But those, who are not interested in doing ‘Mind Programming’, who are not sufficiently conscious about mind– for them, direct ‘Mind programming’ is not meant. Those who meditate or practice Yoga regularly for self-control, peace and good health, they do it indirectly through process of self-hypnosis. These processes are very good, but direct hypnosis process has better result with in a short time. Those who are not able to do ‘Mind programming’ by direct ‘hypnosis’ due to physical and mental state, structure, ill-health, for them indirect process are only good.



“We love truth superficially. Actually we do not want truth. We fear the truth. The fear is to be endangered of our existence, –which is standing on the base of untruth. We love to think our beliefs as truth.” –MahaManas





“Being elevated gradually higher conscious state, with improvement of physical and mental health, acquiring experienced knowledge, self-knowledge, self-realization, self-control etc., through any or some effective systems with one’s own endeavor, and with it, to control and (needful) change one’s own behavior and nature, being wakeful about one’s own (physical and mental) activities and/or taking help of any suitable mind programming system, –is true self-development.” –MahaManas


                 Cause of Sadness – Hardship

Our mind is responsible for maximum sadness – hardship. But if we minutely note – it can be seen, actually not mind, mainly responsible are deep rooted programs of our mind. Surely the physical structure within mind, ingredients, ill health, these are also responsible to a great extent. If you can change these appropriately, it you can do re-programming of mind or re-orientation you will grow up to be happy-joyful-peaceful. The past generation’s instincts (received at present), and the rituals , customs received, has covered our mind in such a way that, in maximum cases, we notice the sadness –hardship, –bad side, –it strikes our mind–we do not notice the good side of every subject – every incident in maximum time. As a result, we see more the sadness them happiness. Besides this, our boundless demands are the other reason. Actually, what is to be asked or what should we ask, we do not know. And the nature of becoming sad, if we do not get as per our demand, – if you cannot change this nature, you cannot be happy. What type will be our demands, and what should be done, if we don not get as per our demands, what should be done that time – regarding this, we should take appropriate lesson, and program our mind according to that, and make our body health and keep health – you can achieve happiness – peace – joy. As much ill fate may come in your life – you will never feel hardship. But this gaining lesson, this programming, all this depends on your luck. Those who can do this, they can surely achieve good luck. To learn the basic knowledge of the first lesson of this course, programmes is that, at first, you have to learn the clear knowledge of life, great life, true creation theory, luck. The great Guru MahaAnand’s educational programme regarding developed, happy, beautiful life is ‘MahaManan’ programmes.    



“We are compelled to hope –to desire –long for many things, because, these are inserted into us like computer programs, by the great programmer and developer – worldly system or God.

Pushing us forward to the aim of fulfillment –actually, to the path of blooming consciousness, –is the motive of worldly system.”   –MahaManas


                                  His Message

I like more, the two to four Knowledgeable Devotee, compared to hundred thousands un knowledgeable blind devotee. After knowing me perfectly– after knowing my real form, who loves me, his love is desirable by me. All knowledgeable persons may have blind emotions which is the apparent price of love, but that is unlucky element. Many a times, this madness takes deadly form. So I tale all my devotees first know me (know moon – as the moon is like), know my real form, even after that, if you like– love as much as you like. That much is only the true love.

You all be lover of truth, be eager of real knowledge. Be life centred. This path is very painful, still this the only path. Think, I have to undergo the mixtures of yours sadness – hardship – pain. But there is no alternative; this is only law of the worldly system. If you attain perfect knowledge – sufficient knowledge, then you will have no more pain, then you can enjoy forever endless happiness – pure peace. Proceed with the aim of attaining this future’s happiness – with the hope of attaining endless peace. Never be diverted by Heaven’s false tales, do not run about like mads, by being bewildered by the false promises of religious-business persons. That path is not life’s path. Proceed on the path of truth – knowledge.

Teachings & Speeches of MahaManas (MahaAnand) 


"Though mundane enjoyment of happiness is apparent aim of the life, but behind of that, there are working latent demands of self-search--- search of truth and attainment of fullness.

As a result of run forward for indomitable impulse of enjoyment of happiness, through acquiring knowledge and experience,--- gradually development of consciousness (self-development) is being happend.

In this way, at the end of complete self-development ---attainment of oneness is the ultimate aim of the life."




"To get success in life, to get a happy and peaceful life, you have become desperate. To be free from worldly sadness – hardship – distress, you have been running from here and there, and praying for help and blessing, – now be quiet a little, and give a look towards your own inner self. Try to understand, your present state is due to lack of sufficient consciousness – knowledge and self power. If these realizations are really firm then come to me, I will show you the path of true self-development." 



"We are like cells in the God organism" -MahaManas





One who is enough mobile, able to be fitted in any circumstance, and able to accept new or unknown things, communicative, and attaining self-knowledge who is advancing towards the aim of life –consciously, is enjoying the real life.” 




“As much a person is conscious about the Mind, as much a person has control over the Mind, he is that much a person. The day, when you become the master of mind, then understand, that day, you become the Human Being. In that sense, we are Baby-Human Beings, still now, we are not complete Human Being. First, we have to be Human Beings, our apparent target is to become the Human Beings





" We all are travelers of the same path, --the path of blooming consciousness.""   




 As much as you gain control over your own body and mind, that much, the outer world, will be under your control. Your worldly joy and achievement depends on spreading the influence on your front person……Sadness-Hardship is partly physical and maximum mental. You can be free mental sadness  –hardship by making the mind self-conscious and well learned by attaining self-knowledge. You will be able to cure maximum part, the physical hardship-diseases, with the help of mental power gradually




"We say and think externally, ‘happiness wanted’ but internally, beyond our knowledge, the opposite action takes place – there, some opponent party is sitting, he brings the sadness by calling. So that we become sad, he thinks that way, does that type of work. In many thinks, he shows dissatisfaction, dis-likeness, impatience, frustration, greediness, jealousy, hatred etc. Whatever are the creator of sadness, he catches that only always."

"Look at your Mind and observe its activities.

Ø Mental pain sometimes may cause of your body pain.

Ø Mental depression, pain, excitement may cause of acidity, indigestion and many serious diseases.

Ø Mental excitement, irritation and restlessness may cause of many mistakes and unhappiness.

 Look at your Mind; is it always dissolved in fancies? –– It may cause of fail to get many chances –– many material happiness and prosperity

Beware of Mental pollution!"
" Mental pollution is the most harmful pollution. Mental pollution means one of the causes of all unhappiness unsuccessfulness and illness. Be conscious about your mind and keep your mind free from pollution."


Not only I but also all,

Going to the ultimate goal of destine.

Some are consciously,

Some are unconsciously–,


Some know, some don’t know,

Actually we all are way farer of the same way.

Goal is from senselessness to–

Completely consciousness,

Through the activities, sufferings– enjoyment,

Through the experience of knowledge –

Continuous walk–

None is stopped here,

It is not also possible to stop.

There is no way but go forward–

Backward is untrue imagination.

According to nature, situation and happenings

Someone is at front– some at back.

Someone who is at back–

Don’t neglect him.

Mind it,

You also crossed the same stage once a time.

Once a time,

His consciousness will come

With powerful motion like storm–

He also goes forward at complete consciousness

With full-knowledge.





“It is not possible to change the fortune, but fortune is ever changeful itself. If one is able to change oneself, and then understand, it’s only happened fortunately.”







“For peace, you need soundness of your inside and outside, and need to have knowledge about your inner world and outer world, too. Those who have no knowledge about their inner world and outer world, they call in disquiet –because of their ignorance.



“Becoming fully developed human being –is the aim of our life and it is the chief object of 'MahaDharma' –the way of real life.” –MahaManas




“True love and true friendship come into existence –when both are complementary of one another.”         –MahaManas




"Destiny is the produce of all pervaded successive stream of events of the worldly system, which had been predestined automatically at the very beginning of the Creation ––the Big Bang!

  With the beginning of the creation– it came into existence.  From that time it is fixed, when –how and what have to be happen –a matter of course. Destiny is powerful than God. God is also under control of Destiny.”  “At the very beginning of spinning of a notched wheel, it becomes automatically fixed that when it will be stopped and then which notch will remain in which direction, –this is Destiny. It is almost same to the creation. Just at the beginning of the creation, its luck had been fixed automatically.”    –MahaManas


"To know Destiny, try to understand the fundamental function of the worldly system–.

After explosion of a bomb, whatever is happened, everything has been fixed just at the time of its explosion!

The beginning of the creation had been taken place through a Maha explosion (Big Bang), and whatever is happening in this world, all had been predetermined automatically– at the moment of its birth."





“To advance consciously –to be fully developed human being through the way of true and universal self-development program of ‘MahaVad’ is ‘MahaDharma’”   –MahaManas




 “One’s supernatural power is not a sign of wisdom– self-knowledge.”   –MahaManas




“Many of us are overwhelmed by blind faith; they are deep rooted programmed by various customs. They are unable to come away from that and can’t see the truth.”  –MahaManas




“Until universal development of human consciousness will be possible, poverty and sufferings will be in force.”  “We are working to bring about the universal development of human beings as much as possible.”  –MahaManas




 “Step to the upper stair, –lower stair will be abandoned automatically. Follow the path of ‘Yoga’ (union) for higher attainment, without becoming extremely eager for ‘Tyaga’ (abandonment). Whenever ‘Tyaga’ to be happened –will happen automatically.”   –MahaManas




“Love –devotion without true knowledge, is nothing but Maya (illusion). Pure love –devotion comes after gaining true knowledge from within.” –MahaManas




“True devotion-Yoga is the upper stair of True Knowledge-Yoga. Lower stairs are also different Yogas –the way of development.”  –MahaManas




“Misconception –wrong idea about oneself –about this world is the main cause of distress and sorrow.” –MahaManas




“For a person who is fully physically and mentally healthy, only that person can remain always happy. So care should be taken to keep physically and mentally healthy.”    –MahaManas




“We love moon –we love flower, we love more many things, but love– devotion without true knowledge is nothing but ‘Maya’ (illusion). After knowing the moon or flower in its own reality– if you love it, this will be true love. Do you love flower considering it as a sex organ of the tree? “ –MahaManas




All foods cannot be good for all.  Every food has particular quality, for that, certain food is suitable for some body, not for all. A helpful food should be selected on the base of one’s nature –constitution –present condition and the particular place and time. Soundness of body and mind depends on the suitable –helpful food.  –MahaManas  



“Being a human –we need to be conscious about our mind, and we should be effortful to be the master of mind through ‘Maha-Yoga’ procedure.”–MahaManas




“One who knows oneself rightly and has control over oneself, one who is aware the life (one’s own life to great universe-life), and also has control on one’s own life, he/she has real life.” –MahaManas




“Good change of human being is another name of development. Some of us are being changed with the change of time– acquiring knowledge and experience, and some other of us are not changing enough, because of their mental inability or want of desire. Any change and new thing is a ridiculous affair to them. They are floating in the stream of tradition– customarily. 

Good change of mind is the significant symptom of blooming or development of conscious mind. One who is trying to develop oneself continuously –consciously, -is actual ‘MahaDharmee’ or ‘MahaDharmin’. Now, I hope, it is clear –what ‘MahaDharma’ is.”  –MahaManas




One day a lady admirer of MahaManas said him, “….I think only my father and mother are the real God to me.”

MahaManas said her, “It’s fine, certainly you can think so! –Well, you are also a mother of your children, that is to say, you are God or Goddess to your children, as you say! It may excellent feeling– considering oneself as God and to be worshiped, –isn’t it? 

Actually, it’s not your own thought. It’s a deep active ‘program’– created by monarchy and priest-system, is being injected into human beings away from thousands of years. Your thought is a result of that serial order.

To make the monarchy permanent from the root– motivatedly created this ‘program’ says, ‘–you will worship your parents, priest and gurus –specially your religious guru, and above all the king of your land–considering as God, and will remain faithfully –bent down and obedient.’

You will travel in the maze of illusion so long as you cannot know God.”  –MahaManas             




“When you will go away from here nothing will go along with you –except consciousness.” –MahaManas


“Develop yourself properly –universally, being conscious– being free from religion and irrational stock notions.” –MahaManas




“There are many astonishing things in this world. But it seems to me that there is no astonishing thing more than blind faith of human being.” –MahaManas


Welcome, if you are of the same mentality

We want to establish the system or way of essential true & universal self-development education for everyone, world wide– that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the way to better life. We are benefited and we want also you be benefited with us!

Are you with us?

Be dignified associated with ‘MahaDharma’ –the natural way of true self-deveopment.



 ‘MahaDharma’ –Call of humanity

Although, it is 'Dharma' in name, but in real meaning – it is the call or invitation of humanity, –the call of becoming fully grown human being.

Practice of ‘MahaDharma’ is a special kind of Yoga (MahaYoga) practice, by which one can advance on the path of becoming fully grown human being, through this true self-development program. Actually ‘MahaDharma’ is a true and universal self-development program for conscious human being.


Help us make it possible!

To embody the main program of‘MahaDharma’, we are desirous to set up a ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘MahaAtma-Vikas Kendra’ (Universal Self-Development Education Center) of international standard. Please extend your helping hands to make successfulthis great endeavor. 


If you enjoy our endeavor, please spread the word about it. You can spread the light into the world and help more people find these wonderful messages in this time of deep great changes. 

Please Share your new knowledge, Chat with your friends about ‘MahaDharma’ – ‘MahaVad’, and make them enlightened.



Besides it, if you have any idea– to advance our endeavor, please let us know your plan& project. Thank you.


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“We all are travelers of the same path, --the path of blooming consciousness.” --MahaManas

Aim of life

Though mundane enjoyment of happiness is apparent aim of the life, but behind of that, there are working latent demands of self-search--- search of truth and attainment of fullness.

As a result of run forward for indomitable impulse of enjoyment of happiness, through acquiring knowledge and experience,--- gradually development of consciousness (true self-development) is being happend.

In this way, at the end of complete self-development ---attainment of oneness is the ultimate aim of the life.



Share your new knowledge

Share your new knowledge, Chat with your friends about ‘MahaDharma’ –‘MahaVad’, and make them enlightened.


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Are you eager to be associated with us?

To develop oneself consciously–continuously by the help of ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine & teachings of the modern times, –is our Maha-Yoga practice, and that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of better life.

Are you eager to be associated with us?

“Becoming fully developed human being –is the aim of our life and it is the chief object of 'MahaDharma' –the Obligations of Humanity.”


A follower of ‘MahaDharma’ must be a reasonable person. A follower of ‘MahaDharma’ is engaged in developing oneself almost all time consciously.


“Being a conscious human, consciously self-development is our aim of life; –the blooming of conscious mind!” –MahaManas



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MahaManan Kendra

(MahaAtma-Vikas-Yoga Education Center)


We have commenced to train some eligible persons to create ‘Maha-Teachers’ for spreading the ‘Maha Atma-Vikaseducation’ (true & universal self-development education of MahaManas) everywhere. 

The ‘Universal Treatment’ is animportant part of the universal self-development education. Therefore, also we are working to make Doctors of Alternative Systems with this Maha-Program.

Those who want to establish the ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘MahaAtma-Vikas Kendra’ in their own area, to be  affiliated to ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’(MAHA), and want to dedicated oneself to do true development of human beings –with their own development, –welcome to our Maha-Program– ‘MahaDharma –the way of real life.’

Those who want to be Teacher and/orDoctor of this Maha-Program, but not able to establish a ‘MahaManan’ Center,–they may get Job in any of our ‘Maha Atma-Vikas Kendra’ –according to their worthiness and activities.

Doctors may get opportunity of privet practice. Our system of treatment is very easy and effective. Any judicious and intelligent person will be able to medical practice within three months.

You have not to pay any fixed money for this training*. You must donate to the best of your abilities, for expenses and development of our organization. Traveling, food and lodging expenses is yours.      

Yes, your institute also is a donation based teaching center. If you can organize your institute rightly –with honesty and deep attachment, no doubt, you will be benefited in all respects.

Before application, you need to be an active member of ‘MAHA’. For application form to be an active member, pleasefollow this link–       and be registered member of ourwebsite–  or


1. Ability of delightful speechdelivery/speaking power.

2. Soft and tenderness withself-confidence.

3. Effortful with patience.

4. Judiciousness and intelligence.

5. Dedication– with honesty and deepattachment.

6. Skill in the art oforganization.   

*Teaching language– Bengali and Hindi. For English and other languages, student have to bear the expense oftranslator.  Do you want to be Teacherof Teachers?

If anyone wants to start a chapter of this movement or a branch of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA) in his/her country / state of residence, please contact us.



The wants of us:

At present, the financial want is a main obstacle.

Second is want of honest and worthy persons for leadership.

Also language is our one of several problems. This movement has been started from West Bengal (India) –in Bengali language. Most of us are not able to speak in English and other foreign languages.‘MahaVad’ also has been written first in Bengali. We need good translators volunteers / active members.


Announcement :

If anyone wants to start a chapter of this movement (MahaDharma -the way of better life) or a branch of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA) in his/ her country/ state of residence, please contact us.

If you are desirous to setup a ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘Maha Atma-Vikas Kendra’ at your own area, and if you are desirous tobe a teacher, please contact us.


Would you like  to publish ‘MahaVad’ (The great doctrine and Teachings of the modern times) and ‘MahaDharma’ (The way of better life) or ‘MahaManan’  (Maha Atma-Vikas Yoga education / true and universal self-development program) in any media, like TV, Newspaper, Periodical,Film, Book etc. in any language?

Please contact us –

To know aboutthese, please visit-    & 

Also search- MahaDharma, Mahavad.

Thank you!

Price = Negotiable(Donetion)


Sayings of MahaManas

“One who knows oneself rightly, only that person also knows God rightly.”


“One who knows oneself rightly, only that person is able to love another person rightly.”


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What Yaga is

Yoga,  Yoga means union. Like ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘two’. But in higher level of Yoga, there is ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘one’, being single by mixed up. In practical Yoga, ‘Yoga’ term is used as a way or process or procedure of being united. It happens according the demand of individual, such as, union of mind and body, union of conscious mind and sub conscious mind, union of one’s mind and another’s mind, union of individual’s mind and God mind. An active effort to fulfill one’s demand through Yoga procedure is called Yoga practice and worship.

The internal truth is disclosed to a ‘Yogi’ I mean Yoga performer, when it happens the right union between ‘Yogi’ and his subject-matter. An Yogi also get the control on his object of Yoga. There is the success of yoga. Here, we use the 'Yoga' term in widespread sense, for example-- I am saying and you are listening, it's also 'Yoga' to us.

We followers of Mahadharma...

We (followers of ‘MahaVad’ & ‘MahaDharma’;) think, customary (formal) academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (informal) basic self-development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.  

Do you think like us?