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    MahaManas -the great sage & great teacher of the modern age

 MahaManas  –the great spiritual teacher and the great sage of the modern age. MahaManas is the inaugurator of true-spiritual doctrine ‘MahaVad’ and he is the founder of ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of real life. Most important identity of MahaManas,  –he is a great humanitarian. His all efforts are – for human welfare. MahaAnand is another name of MahaManas.

 MahaAnand  – the universal true eternal friend! He is resident of true spiritual world. Meaning of ‘MahaAnand' is the great joy.


  The great wise and humanitarian MahaManas –being quite sympathetic to all human beings, he has shown the path of real life –that is ‘MahaDharma’. To free the self-oblivious men from the ecstatic state, to make them known the aim of life, MahaManas has shown the system of universal development. The main word of which is– “you have been born as a human being, your aim is to be a fully developed human being. Try to keep yourself always wakeful –conscious, to know oneself and this worldly system with your aim of life, and be effortful to make yourself true and universal developed human being.”

In this connection, he said, “it is not possible to attain salvation in this stage of consciousness. There are high to higher conscious-stages after this human conscious stage. At last–, step by step you need to reach to God conscious stage, and then you will be able to be same soul with God. Now, do your duty of this stage, –be a fully grown human being– first.”

He also said, “an individual by oneself will be able to decide that which is proper to be done and which is to be practiced, –after knowing rightly oneself. Therefore 'MahaDharma' does not load any code of conduct or any rules and rites. It helps us to be developed rightly, –by that one can be able to know oneself and God in its own reality. When some conscious persons will be enough developed in different places by the help of ‘MahaDharma’ (Maha-self-development program), then those who are connected with them, also will be eager to be developed. In this way, so many human beings can be developed gradually.

 ‘MahaDharma’ is not like other religions or ‘Dharmic’ systems. The differences here are more pronounced than the similarities with them. Worship of God is not object of this system. The main object of ‘MahaDharma’ is to make us fully developed human beings. Development of mind and also blooming of consciousness is the fundamental tune of ‘MahaDharma’ –and that is the natural quality of human beings.  The great universe existence is the God –from the viewpoint of 'MahaDharma' (for details visit our websites).

Although, it is ‘Dharma’ in name but it is not a ‘Dharmic’ system (like such and such ‘Dharmas’). It is ‘Dharma’ in true sense that is the law and quality of nature, and the natural duties of humanity.  In real meaning –it is the way of real life; –it is the call or invitation of humanity, –the call of becoming fully grown human being. Applying the principle ‘MahaVad’ in one’s life is ‘MahaDharma’. ‘MahaDharma’ is the actual shelter for humanity. To respond at this call is not meaning abandon one’s religion, that is to say, to hold ‘MahaDharma’, no need to abandon one’s religion. We don’t want to convert any one. We don’t want to hurt any religious faith. We only want them, those who are of same mentality with us.

Practice of ‘MahaDharma’ is a special kind of Yoga ––‘Maha Atma-Vikas Yoga’ (briefly ‘MahaYoga’ or ‘MahaManan’) practice, by which one can advance on the path of becoming fully grown human being, through this true and universal self-development program. Actually ‘MahaDharma’ is a universal self-development program for conscious human beings.

MahaManas said, “Good change of human being is another name of development. Some of us are being changed with the change of time– acquiring knowledge and experience, and some other of us are not changing enough, because of their mental inability or want of desire. Any change and new thing is a ridiculous affair to them. They are floating in the stream of tradition– customarily.

Good change of mind is the significant symptom of blooming or development of conscious mind. One who is trying to develop oneself continuously –consciously, -is actual ‘MahaDharmee’ or ‘MahaDharmin’. Now, I hope, it is clear –what ‘MahaDharma’ is.

In the course of mental development, sometimes –some changes may seem as bad and harmful. Don’t worry; these are unavoidable stages on the way of blooming consciousness. Remaining conscious and effortful, you will be able to overcome that harm or situation, and you will be stunned seeing that –how those bad or harmful changes have given the birth of development.”

‘MahaVad’ (–the great doctrine and delightful sayings of MahaManas) is the supernal view of MahaManas, with his peerless teachings on universal true self-development.   


 We know, he exists always in all of us–his devotees and disciples, though he is living out of sight. He hardly ever comes in public. Most of times he stays in Himalayas.  Even he won’t publish his photograph. “The Divine is in all, not in my Face alone”. We do not know what his age is. We see him as ever young. We are a few of the lucky men who stayed with him a few times.

           As a man he is an extraordinary, talented, wise, noble-minded, and humanitarian. But there will be some wrong if we see him as a common man. We, a few persons, know that he has extra ordinary supernatural good powers, which he prefers to hide. To us, He is God.

         By installing His picture (painted) at home or office, in open place, decorated with garland of flowers, increases peace, happiness and prosperity. Putting incense and a candle in front of His picture and by praying regularly twice a day, you will attain the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. By practicing these yoga you will get a more beautiful and peaceful life. For deepest self realization and self development, you will have to practice regularly.

             Your life will become more bright and delightful, being a member of ‘MMM’ and being a follower of MahaAnand. Promote His ability to reach out to many. You can use any media, The modern world has much to offer in terms of broadcasting the message of universal peace and love.

             Remember: at any time, in any situation, when calling Him, silently muttering His name 'MahaAnand’ repeatedly, you may receive His benedictions.

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                         God in the eye of a devotee

I do not know how much I can express with my tiny abilities and tiny writing, who is the possessor of extraordinary power and strength, possessor of all knowledge and all qualities. Everyone look to my mistakes – faults with pardoning eyes, with this hope and with his blessings, I am starting to write with pen.

                                                          – D. M.

                  An ordinary inhabited place – which has been presently flooded by river Ganges. At the bank of Ganges River, in West Bengal (India) – Subhadra Devi and Gouranga Sundar have been married for some years, still by then not yet given birth to a child – Subhadra Devi in hope of getting a child, and in accordance to the suggestion of an ascetic – offered a voluntary promise to Lord Shiva. She was conceived one day, at a special moment, due to regular and adequate devotional fasting – religious vow in hope of fulfillment of desire and lying before and idol of God Shiva, repeating the name of Lord Shiva and meditation. As the days pass, Subhadra Devi gradually became more and more beautiful. Seeing that beauty astonishes the surrounding people. She was then nine months pregnant, when she met a tourist ascetic surprisingly. That mated hair, huge size ascetic said to Subhadra Devi – “you are conceiving a great prophet in your womb, who is coming, he is the last prophet of this Iron Age. Very soon, he will appear on earth in your lap, lighting it, as an Incarnation.” The ascetic instructed her, not to leak out his words to others. But any who, the words do not remain secret, as a result, curious people gathering, gradually started increasing in Subhadra Devi’s house. It became impossible for her to do peaceful meditation privately and repeating deity name silently due to public talking. Gradually the crowd of devotee and curious people increased so much that, by force the seniors advised Subhadra Devi to conceal their self-living. Next day, in the darkness of night, as per the prearrangement, Subhadra Devi and Gouranga Sundar set out for a close relative’s house, on a roofed bullock cart. At about end of night, terrible storm and rain started. In the light of lightning a very old, decayed, broken conditioned Lord Shiva temple was seen, at the side of the road and jungle. Finding no other alternative, everyone took shelter in that desolate Lord Shiva temple. The surrounding jungle trees were excited due to force of storm – rain –thunder – lightning. At the dusk – early hours of morning at a very lucky moment, the crises of a newly born baby was heard form the temple. At the same moment, a divine voice was heard, which shivered the sky – air, and surpassed the storm, rain – thunder – “the great man MahaAnand has appeared in this temple as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, to bring salvation to the innocent, evil doers, infatuated persons in this very early morning. Not only in India, to show the true light to the whole world – he has come to give salvation from Innocence – Blindness, …….” All storm – rain – lightning suddenly vanished. After a while the golden sun rays of the morning illuminated the eastern horizon – gradually every side became lighted. From every side, the forest area became lively – joyful, due to chirping of birds.

               As per the instruction of Divine Voice – Gouranga Sundar with the newly born baby and Subhadra Devi, started journey for own home. After coming close to house, saw many peoples gathering. At the early hour’s of the morning while fisherman went to catch fish, from a nearby pond, a Lord Shiva idol of stone came up in his net. Seeing Subhadra Devi coming on a bullock-cart with a baby-Shiva in the lap, all the public shouted in joy. And just then, the sky-air was filled up with unique light. Heavenly music with heavenly flowers showered down in form of showers of rain all around.

                  New temple has constructed, and with great celebration that Lord Shiva idol was established. Traditional religious and social custom was celebrated gorgeously on that same day, centering around the divine child. Unpredictable, many ascetics, monks from different states, came to that festival. They have come from very far distance to see the divine child. Many of them blessed the child and many of them laid down on the ground with face down, hands joined as praying to respect the child. After being satisfied with the food, the ascetics returned to their destination. MahaAnand’s life is filled up with numerous miraculous incidents. Here I am mentioning some incidents in short –

                  After MahaAnand grew up to be a little big, he used to take out sometime from his play times, and very often, used to go and meditate, in the new Lord Shiva temple, near the house. One day his play-mates while finding – could not find him any where and at last went to Lord Shiva temple and saw, very deep inside the temple, almost in the darkness, idol of a lighted boy was seen engrossed in deep meditation. So much light, that, the eyes were bewildered due to light. With the purpose of viewing properly, when they were going to proceed, just then hearing the snake’s hissing sound, looked properly, saw two big snakes with their hoods upright, blocking the rods.

                  From that childhood, many came to him to take suggestion regarding many facts. Whenever any religious instruction was asked, he rose against religious madness – blindness, superstition, improper conduct, immoral sexual conduct, jealousy – hatred, torture of priests, deceitfulness etc. he said, whatever causes the development of mind, is only the region. The only purpose of following the religion is to attain self-development. One category of people, by falsely alluring to attain God, for self-motive fulfillment, whatever is said and done – that may whatever be – not human religion – this idea is felt by him.

                  Many a times, many have taken his shelter and many serious diseases has cured completely and gradually they became his devotees.

                  Once a time a very ill-fated – ill-conditioned – penniless came to seek shelter, he instructed that person to follow MahaDharma (great religion) – ‘MahaVad’ and – he dose meditation, repeating God’s name silently, worship, and on every Thursday, the person held Maha religious ceremony at his home. With his publicity and achieving good practical results gradually the number of participants started increasing, in his ceremony. Very strangely, within six months, the person’s enormously had development. Gradually he became lucky from every side. Not only the external developments, but also his inner developments started taking place unimaginably.

                  Once a evil doer from the under world, came to see MahaAnand, and good changes started taking place, in his mind. Then that person, in order to get back to the good path, seek shelter of MahaAnand. He then gave that persons to drink a glass of water (specially powerful) and told him to repeating the God’s name (MahaAnand) continuously – silently. By following this instruction perfectly, such good changes took place in that persons immediately that he became a real true saint. By seeing his development, all became astonished. MahaAnand said, “Why only I will become MahaAnand, you all also became MahaAnand.

                  At a very early age, he left home, visited many inhabited place, religious places, all over India, at last, went to the Himalayas Mountain and settled. Majority of the time he lives in hardly accessible areas of Himalayas beyond the eyesight of public. There he initiates some special persons, at different times. At present due to effort of some of them Maha Anand Holy Association (MAHA) has been established. We are trying our level best to spread the religion – preaching – sermons shown by MahaAnand and let others know the easy and real ways of self-development in the whole world. Let us come together, and be enlightened with divine light of MahaAnand and become Maha Anand (very happy). 

Though there is a debate on the birth place of MahaAnand. Some think, he is South Indian, some think, he is North Indian.

Welcome, if you are of the same mentality

We want to establish the system or way of essential true & universal self-development education for everyone, world wide– that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the way to better life. We are benefited and we want also you be benefited with us!

Are you with us?

Be dignified associated with ‘MahaDharma’ –the natural way of true self-deveopment.



 ‘MahaDharma’ –Call of humanity

Although, it is 'Dharma' in name, but in real meaning – it is the call or invitation of humanity, –the call of becoming fully grown human being.

Practice of ‘MahaDharma’ is a special kind of Yoga (MahaYoga) practice, by which one can advance on the path of becoming fully grown human being, through this true self-development program. Actually ‘MahaDharma’ is a true and universal self-development program for conscious human being.


Help us make it possible!

To embody the main program of‘MahaDharma’, we are desirous to set up a ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘MahaAtma-Vikas Kendra’ (Universal Self-Development Education Center) of international standard. Please extend your helping hands to make successfulthis great endeavor. 


If you enjoy our endeavor, please spread the word about it. You can spread the light into the world and help more people find these wonderful messages in this time of deep great changes. 

Please Share your new knowledge, Chat with your friends about ‘MahaDharma’ – ‘MahaVad’, and make them enlightened.



Besides it, if you have any idea– to advance our endeavor, please let us know your plan& project. Thank you.


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“We all are travelers of the same path, --the path of blooming consciousness.” --MahaManas

Aim of life

Though mundane enjoyment of happiness is apparent aim of the life, but behind of that, there are working latent demands of self-search--- search of truth and attainment of fullness.

As a result of run forward for indomitable impulse of enjoyment of happiness, through acquiring knowledge and experience,--- gradually development of consciousness (true self-development) is being happend.

In this way, at the end of complete self-development ---attainment of oneness is the ultimate aim of the life.



Share your new knowledge

Share your new knowledge, Chat with your friends about ‘MahaDharma’ –‘MahaVad’, and make them enlightened.


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To develop oneself consciously–continuously by the help of ‘MahaVad’ –the great doctrine & teachings of the modern times, –is our Maha-Yoga practice, and that is ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of better life.

Are you eager to be associated with us?

“Becoming fully developed human being –is the aim of our life and it is the chief object of 'MahaDharma' –the Obligations of Humanity.”


A follower of ‘MahaDharma’ must be a reasonable person. A follower of ‘MahaDharma’ is engaged in developing oneself almost all time consciously.


“Being a conscious human, consciously self-development is our aim of life; –the blooming of conscious mind!” –MahaManas



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MahaManan Kendra

(MahaAtma-Vikas-Yoga Education Center)


We have commenced to train some eligible persons to create ‘Maha-Teachers’ for spreading the ‘Maha Atma-Vikaseducation’ (true & universal self-development education of MahaManas) everywhere. 

The ‘Universal Treatment’ is animportant part of the universal self-development education. Therefore, also we are working to make Doctors of Alternative Systems with this Maha-Program.

Those who want to establish the ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘MahaAtma-Vikas Kendra’ in their own area, to be  affiliated to ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’(MAHA), and want to dedicated oneself to do true development of human beings –with their own development, –welcome to our Maha-Program– ‘MahaDharma –the way of real life.’

Those who want to be Teacher and/orDoctor of this Maha-Program, but not able to establish a ‘MahaManan’ Center,–they may get Job in any of our ‘Maha Atma-Vikas Kendra’ –according to their worthiness and activities.

Doctors may get opportunity of privet practice. Our system of treatment is very easy and effective. Any judicious and intelligent person will be able to medical practice within three months.

You have not to pay any fixed money for this training*. You must donate to the best of your abilities, for expenses and development of our organization. Traveling, food and lodging expenses is yours.      

Yes, your institute also is a donation based teaching center. If you can organize your institute rightly –with honesty and deep attachment, no doubt, you will be benefited in all respects.

Before application, you need to be an active member of ‘MAHA’. For application form to be an active member, pleasefollow this link–       and be registered member of ourwebsite–  or


1. Ability of delightful speechdelivery/speaking power.

2. Soft and tenderness withself-confidence.

3. Effortful with patience.

4. Judiciousness and intelligence.

5. Dedication– with honesty and deepattachment.

6. Skill in the art oforganization.   

*Teaching language– Bengali and Hindi. For English and other languages, student have to bear the expense oftranslator.  Do you want to be Teacherof Teachers?

If anyone wants to start a chapter of this movement or a branch of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA) in his/her country / state of residence, please contact us.



The wants of us:

At present, the financial want is a main obstacle.

Second is want of honest and worthy persons for leadership.

Also language is our one of several problems. This movement has been started from West Bengal (India) –in Bengali language. Most of us are not able to speak in English and other foreign languages.‘MahaVad’ also has been written first in Bengali. We need good translators volunteers / active members.


Announcement :

If anyone wants to start a chapter of this movement (MahaDharma -the way of better life) or a branch of ‘MahaAnand Holy Association’ (MAHA) in his/ her country/ state of residence, please contact us.

If you are desirous to setup a ‘MahaManan Kendra’ or ‘Maha Atma-Vikas Kendra’ at your own area, and if you are desirous tobe a teacher, please contact us.


Would you like  to publish ‘MahaVad’ (The great doctrine and Teachings of the modern times) and ‘MahaDharma’ (The way of better life) or ‘MahaManan’  (Maha Atma-Vikas Yoga education / true and universal self-development program) in any media, like TV, Newspaper, Periodical,Film, Book etc. in any language?

Please contact us –

To know aboutthese, please visit-    & 

Also search- MahaDharma, Mahavad.

Thank you!

Price = Negotiable(Donetion)


Sayings of MahaManas

“One who knows oneself rightly, only that person also knows God rightly.”


“One who knows oneself rightly, only that person is able to love another person rightly.”


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What Yaga is

Yoga,  Yoga means union. Like ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘two’. But in higher level of Yoga, there is ‘one’ and ‘one’ equal to ‘one’, being single by mixed up. In practical Yoga, ‘Yoga’ term is used as a way or process or procedure of being united. It happens according the demand of individual, such as, union of mind and body, union of conscious mind and sub conscious mind, union of one’s mind and another’s mind, union of individual’s mind and God mind. An active effort to fulfill one’s demand through Yoga procedure is called Yoga practice and worship.

The internal truth is disclosed to a ‘Yogi’ I mean Yoga performer, when it happens the right union between ‘Yogi’ and his subject-matter. An Yogi also get the control on his object of Yoga. There is the success of yoga. Here, we use the 'Yoga' term in widespread sense, for example-- I am saying and you are listening, it's also 'Yoga' to us.

We followers of Mahadharma...

We (followers of ‘MahaVad’ & ‘MahaDharma’;) think, customary (formal) academic (school – college etc.) education is not sufficient for true development of human beings. For that, we need such an uncustomary (informal) basic self-development education which can help us to be fully developed human beings.  

Do you think like us?