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Mystery of Creation: From the view of MahaVad (briefly)

Posted by mahavad on September 14, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Mysteryof Creation:

1)      SupremeBeing (Brahma) is not full –complete. There are a few wants in it. Completenessis a stalemate or static condition. Any creation is not possible fromcompleteness.

2)      Once thegreat universe came into existence, and it will be destroyed one time. Theuniverse –the great creation is the product of desire of Supreme Being.

‘Saguna Brahma’ is a fancy copy of SupremeBeing (Brahma), which is manifested as great universe in a short time.

‘To seek again, after missing oneselfintentionally’ (to search oneself after loosing) –is the main theme (mystery)of the great creation.

3)      SupremeBeing is not God. The great universe existence is God existence, and there is acosmic-mind in the universe-body, –that is God-mind. God had come intoexistence like a just-born baby –baby universe, –almost ignorant –unconsciousbaby, with the destiny of going to ultimate goal– full blooming. The destiny isfrom about senseless to complete consciousness, through the activities andenjoyment, through the experience of knowledge –continuous walk–.

The aim of the great creation is largelysimilar to –‘trying to fulfill the unfulfilled desires through one’s progeny.

There are many stages in God life, such as–childhood, adolescence, youth etc., – like our human life.  

4)      Not only God(great universe), but we all, also going to the ultimate goal of destiny, as apart of it. None is stopped here; it is not also possible to stop. There is noway but go forward, to the complete self-development.  

According to nature, situation andhappenings, someone is at front –some at back. We all are travelers of the samepath –the path of blooming consciousness.

‘MahaVad’ does not accept the theory ofrebirth in this world. But it says, there is another life in another worldbeyond death.

‘MahaVad’ says, destiny is more powerful thanGod. Destiny is all pervaded stream of events, composed in the system ofuniverse. There is no individual one who regulates or controls the universalsystem. Destiny came into existence by the first explosion of the beginning ofthe great creation.

5)      Aboutincarnation, MahaManas said in ‘MahaVad’ – “No one is born as incarnation ofGod. She/he is made as incarnation of God, as I have been made by my devotees.”Also he said, “All creatures with human beings are created by God, but religionis created by human being.” “Because of lack of right knowledge about God–about the great creation, many persons think that their religion is made byGod directly. MahaManas also said, about true spirituality and true religion inhis ‘MahaVad’.

6)      Besidesspiritual science, there is another part of spiritual psychology in ‘MahaVad’.‘MahaVad’ says (briefly), ‘Mind is like a blooming lotus. There are many stagesand many parts of blooming conscious mind. Preconscious to insect conscious,after that – reptile conscious mind blooms gradually. The next stage ofblooming petals of the lotus like mind is animal conscious mind. After that,previous human conscious mind, and after that, human conscious mind, and nextsuper conscious mind blooms gradually.

The last blooming stage of the mind is Godconscious mind or God mind.

Also there is more one stage, then when allpetals will fall down, the remaining part with seeds [for re- (again) creation]is Supreme Being conscious mind!

Those who are conscious about his/her ownmind, with inner world, also conscious about outer world, and conscious aboutthe great universe-mind, they are in fact conscious human being.


Above all, the great distinction of it is–‘MahaVad’ does not say the final word. ‘MahaVad’ says, no viewing– experience,philosophy or doctrine can be universal truth –eternal truth. Staying in themiddle of the path of blooming consciousness, acquirement of full knowledge isimpossible.

Universe is not created by God, itself God. In this universe, here is nothing except God. Only some parts of universe, like creatures are made by God. Though, God had made these creatures by its own body-materials. Our minds are also made from universe-mind. Nothing is creatable from nothing. We all are parts of God/universe. God is a ‘Maha-Maya’ existence, which is created by Supreme Being –‘Brahma’. Supreme Being is not God; it has no activities in this world. ‘Brahma’ is silent observer in this worldly game or sport. By the by, Dev/Deva/Devata is not God, it is a higher conscious stage of human beings. Here, I want to include one thing more, Supreme Being –‘Brahma’ is not Absolute Being or complete or full. Any creation –even any dream is not possible from completeness or fullness. Completeness is a standstill condition. Supreme Being is not complete, also it has a few want, and it does not know –who it is, –why it is, –where it came from, and what the end is. This the main cause of creation. Searching oneself after loosing intentionally, –is the mystery of creation.  



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